Vendor Fair 

PLEASE NOTE: Parts of are under revision for 2019

The Vendor Fair is free and open to the public. Vendor Coordinator - Michael McMahon

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This list is currently under revision. A special thanks to Hikari USA who have contributed greatly by their generous donation of show water chemicals, show shirts, and other donations.

Hikari Sales USA [

Anjon Water Gardens []

Aquatic Equipment and Design []

Aquatic Nutrition []

Aquatic Systems & Resources (ASR) []

Aquilinity Systems []

Beni Hanna Nishikigoi []

Blackwater Creek Koi Farm []

Bristol Koi Farm [

Champion Nishikigoi []

Chris' Samarai Koi 

Deepwater Koi Innovations []

Ecological Labs, Inc. []

Embroidery By Denise []

Farmer Rick's Fish Store

Fish Corner 

Florida Finest Aquatics [email to:[]

GC Tek []

Genki Nishikigoi []

Grace Luttrell - Artist

Happy Koi of Greenville []

Hikari Sales USA []

Kodama Koi Farm []

Koi Market/Yoshikigoi USA []

Koi Smart Pond Supply []

Lady Ronin (Artist)

The Koi Store []

Microbelift []

McAdams Designs []

National Pond Service/Willow Pond Koi []

Nijikawa Koi Food []

Peters & Sons Koi and Pond [

Purdin Koi Farm []

Benihanna Nishikigoi []

Razorback Koi []

Seachem Laboratories []

Southwest Koi & Goldfish

The Koi Store []

Ultra Balance Koi Foods []

USA Koi []

Wonders of Water Services, Inc. []

Please note: Transactions are solely between the vendor and customer, and therefore do not involve the officers, club members, or participating clubs in the Central Florida Koi Show Society, Inc.  In accordance with best practices we recommend all new koi be quarantined prior to introduction to your pond.

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